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  • Cells are Life


    All organisms on earth are composed of cells. They come in many shapes and sizes and are involved in a wide range of activities. Cells are the smallest structures that can divide independently (reproduce) and are therefore the smallest structures to ...

  • Brain Mechanisms

    Linking Cognitive Phenomena to Neuron Activity by

    Brain Mechanisms: Linking Cognitive Phenomena to Neuron Activity shows how to understand higher cognition in terms of brain anatomy, physiology and chemistry. Natural selection pressures have resulted in all information processes in the brain being ...

  • Canada’s Quest

    Space Exploration and Why We Should Participate by

    Canada, as a nation, needs a new focus. In the last half of the 20th century, the country was striving to find its national identity, and we clustered along the warmth of our southern border, but not so close as to get burnt. Problems between the ...

  • Science and Beyond

    Toward Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art and Spirituality by

    Science, coupled with technology, has become the dominant force in most parts of the world. Thus, it affects our lives and society in many ways. Yet, misconceptions about science are widespread in governments, the general public, and even among many ...

  • Reality vs Quantum Mysticism

    An Attempt to Resolve Issues with Relativity and Quantum Mechanics and Explain Dark Energy by

    Science has made tremendous advances in overcoming superstition and replacing “revealed truth” with proven factual truth. Quantum mechanics and the Theories of Relativity have contributed immensely to these advances. But, in spite of this, certain ...

  • The Man Who Licks Rocks

    A Memoir - His Amazing Geological & Mineral Journeys leading to his Deliberations on Climate Change & Global Population-Pandemics by

    The earth is constantly changing, as it has for the past 4.6 billion years. The massive geological shifts that have happened over earth’s long history have led to various climate changes, including ice ages and warming periods. Despite dire warnings ...

  • Space-Earth Matters


    The human perception of Earth in space is ever changing. Once upon a time there was this belief that our Earth is flat… But scientifically, what is currently known of Earth in space and life on Earth? In Space-Earth Matters, Dr. Parashar outlines ...

  • Wakan Tanka

    On Human Origins, Spirituality and the Meaning of Life by

    Where did we come from? Why are we here? Is there a god? In our modern world, many people yearn for answers to these most fundamental of life's questions, having become disillusioned with trite explanations and troubled by narratives that deny their ...

  • Hello! This is Earth!


    Hello, This is Earth! I’m fun to Explore. You’ll be entertained if you’d like to learn more. Let Earth take you on a poetic journey where you’ll learn exciting facts about our planet and outer space! Earth is one of eight unique planets in our ...