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  • 1844

    The Splendid Secret Vault of Present Truth by

    Deception is the greatest crisis facing the world. These days, neither government nor church can be trusted. Few believed the 911 Commission’s official report, choosing instead to believe in a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center....

  • Spiritual Transformation

    The Salvation of Miss Enid and the Bad Man Brigo by

    This book is about spiritual transformation: it tells the story of the salvation experiences of its main characters: Miss Enid and the bad man Brigo - a compelling argument for the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform lives for the...

  • Soar

    From Glan to Maryland by

    This book is an inspiring life story of a poor farm boy whose extreme poverty was not an obstacle to soar high and achieve his dreams, but served as a challenge to rise above it. His unwavering focus, hard work, tenacity, and great faith in God,...