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  • Wrestling For My Jewish Identity

    An Eclipse With Reality by

    ​​What could possibly prompt a world-acclaimed respected Christian, pastor, author, and public speaker to embrace Judaism? And not just embrace it, but become a rabbi? Wrestling For My Jewish Identity: An Eclipse with Reality is the true story of ...

  • Pieces of Heaven


    A child, a teenager, an adult, and his journey of inspiration in a world that has created a new one. A world of unforgettable feelings, a world of unbearable wonder. Pieces of Heaven is an oasis of silence in which the author (myself) was called to ...

  • Contending for the Faith


    The Body of Christ is now experiencing the strongest and most ferocious attack on the Word of God in its history. * Christianity is slowly being redefined and restructured. * The Church is becoming more worldly, more politically correct, and less ...

  • Favor or Luck?

    A mini autobiography by a Hybrid Christian by

    The phrase ‘God of Surprises’ should not be an unfamiliar term to any Christian. Throughout Scripture, we read that God has acted in ways that, at times, seem to contradict logic. The problem for us is the logic that God seemingly contradicts is OUR ...

  • The Heart's Journey

    Do You Know Your Heart's Journey? by

    Do You Know Your Heart's Journey is a book about different heart conditions that are very painful. By experiencing God’s love, you can build a relationship with Him, and find spiritual and emotional healing. This book was written in hope that many ...

  • 12 Weeks of Winter and Beyond

    Uncharted Territory After Sudden Death by

    The death of a loved one is difficult for a myriad of reasons, and coming to terms with our grief demands attention and energy. Sudden, unexpected death can be challenging to negotiate and requires some different coping strategies. The simple word ...

  • If I Was God

    A fresh look at some very old ideas by

    What would you do — If You Were God and Larry sat down to be judged in the old chair on your Front Porch after committing suicide at a young age? Or . . . If the wealthy and beloved Diva and Pop Singer, Grace Wonder Star died from an ...

  • God's Love

    The Night God Saved My Life by

    While living in his home town working on wind and solar projects, Derek found himself the victim of a horrific and terrifying attack. Knocked unconscious and stabbed over fifty times throughout his body...Derek managed to survive over twelve hours ...

  • I Survived the Holocaust

    To Share His Glory by

    What was it like for a 10-year old Jewish girl to experience the Nazi Holocaust in 1945? Or, to face suicide, adjusting to a new life in America, an unhappy marriage, epilepsy, and losing 7 of 8 children? The author has coaxed out all the ...