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Calgary Alberta, Christian faith, Family history, Grandmother’s memoirs, Kamloops British Columbia, Pentecostal Church, Penticton British Columbia

And He Walks With Me And He Talks With Me
by Ora Goodman

This book is made up of a collage of many personal stories of the authors life. She shares what life was like living in the small town of Clinton B.C. Then living on her own at the age of sixteen. Some stories are adventurous, others with a teaching undertone, others embarrassingly amusing, and still others so touching that you may need a kleenex. My favorites are the ones which tell of how our Lord intervened in her life. This happened many times in such unique ways. Her goal is to create a desire within the readers heart to have a personal relationship with our Lord. To have it come across that God does speak to us and to be willing to tune in and respond to what He is saying.

Ora is a collector. Her home is tastefully decorated with collections of egg beaters, rolling pins, clocks, cameras, kerosine lamps, thermoses, and sand from many beaches from around the world. She said her style of decor is French Country but she really has no idea what that is. It just sounds inviting. She loves to travel and often stops to smell the roses. But with her she also needs to take many pictures of them. She has a child like personality and is not impressed with anyone who isn’t genuine. She has been married to the same man for almost half a century. Together they have five kids, seven grandkids, and one cat. They have been Foster Parents to forty-two children. Family is very important to her and with writing this book she wants to leave behind the many stories that made her who she is today. She has never been guilty of living a boring life. Her outgoing personality sends her to places others would not go. She was a guest speaker for Stonecroft Ministries and traveled throughout Alberta speaking to Christian ladies breakfast groups.


Ora Goodman

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