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Christian faith, Knitting, Prayer, Christian guidance, Christian knitters, Spirituality of knitting, Religion

Spirituality in Knitting
sereKNITy dot calm
by Lisbeth Duncan

C'mon in ! Take a break; rest a while; indulge in a treat.

Don't let life become too busy to enjoy your favourite pastime as you spend quality time with God. Read the stories ... relate to some of them and bring to the forefront of your memory bank your own experiences.

The author encourages observation. Observe the use of time. Observe feelings and emotions. Observe everyday details which often go unnoticed. Observe how the natural world encourages joy and peace. Observe how surroundings contribute to feelings of well-being and peace. Observe reactions to stimuli.

Most of all in this memoire, observe how the relaxing repetition of knitting allows these other observations become the realization that the Spirit of the living God is active in all situations.

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Lisbeth Duncan is a British trained Registered Nurse and Certified Midwife who emigrated from Scotland to arrive in Canada in 1974.

Lisbeth and her husband, George, have 3 adult children ( one set of twins), 7 grandchildren (one set of triplets) and 2 great grandsons most of whom live in and around Calgary. She is an avid knitter and reader and is passionate about volunteering in her faith community.

At this time in history there is so much sadness and turmoil. This memoire seeks to provide hope, promise and tranquility for those who need spiritual guidance as a distraction.


Lisbeth Duncan
Gillian Duncan-Duhaime

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