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  • The Law and the Spirit of Life

    Paul, Romans and the World -- The Father’s Heart for His Children, His Church, His World by

    The Apostle Paul is a larger-than-life figure within the Christian world, and his letter to the believers in Rome is considered his most important writing. Powerful and passionate, The Law and the Spirit of Life offers a fresh and broadly researched ...

  • Hell No

    Not Quite What You Have Been Told by

    Hell No - a provoking title, I know. May be it is time to be provoked a little. Many people struggle with the "hell" issue. They can't seem to square the belief that "God is love" with an "everlasting burning hell with physical flames." I have had a ...

  • From Galilee to Golgotha

    An Ancient Walk that Changed Everything by

    Following the steps of Jesus from Galilee to Golgotha at the end of his ministry, this book provides a helpful and detailed focus on the importance of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus. Rooted in historical detail and prophetic texts, ...