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An Abomination that Caused Desolation cover

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    • 234 pages
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    • 234 pages
  • Keywords
    • End times,
    • End times prophecy,
    • Second Coming,
    • Revelation,
    • Abomination Daniel,
    • Bible prophecy,
    • Eschatology

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An Abomination that Caused Desolation
Examining Biblical Prophecy in Light of the Covid Age
by William John

In March 2020, events had been proceeding as normal. Then word came that we would suddenly have to adapt to a new way of life—albeit “only for two weeks”—to stop the spread of a new and deadly coronavirus known as COVID-19. As the pandemic spread rapidly around the globe, the world was also infected with something perhaps even deadlier than the disease itself: fear. Hope was in short supply as confusion and hysteria clouded our thoughts and minds. While some people tried to warn the masses about the damage this fear was causing, the battle to win back the hearts and minds of humanity seemed futile. Armchair warriors on all sides of the issue were unwilling to budge from their habitual manner of thinking. Meanwhile, it was obvious to a scant few that a great deception was taking place. Was this an example of prophecy unfolding? Was this pandemic and the ensuing hysteria and battle for control the Biblical abomination that causes desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet? Join author William John as he delves into an epic true story of how deception and misinformation infected people around the world, causing them to fear not only COVID-19 but also, on a more sinister level, each other. This book dives into the world of the unknown and dissects the ancient mysteries of God in an effort to find meaning and purpose in the midst of the chaos that so many now refer to as the “new normal.”

It is March of 2020 and we have been doing normal when suddenly the word comes that we will need to live a life of fear, albeit only for two weeks to stop the spread. As the world was infected with fear, the spread became increasingly close to our cities, towns, villages, and homes. There appeared to be no hope and the cloud of confusion began to set into our thoughts and minds. Some people tried to warn the masses from the hysteria that the fear was causing, but the battle to win the thoughts of humanity seemed pointless, useless, and quite frankly a waste of time. The armchair warriors on both sides of the debate were not willing to budge on their habitual manner of thinking. Was this Prophecy unfolding? Was this the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet? Join me on an epic true story of how deception, lies, and misinformation infected the people of the world to fear each other. Together we will dive into the world of the unknown, and dissect the ancient mysteries of God, to find meaning and the purpose of living in the chaos that is considered normal.

William John, also known as Bill Dyck, enjoys watching documentaries, reading dystopian and utopian literature, taking something old—such as an old car—and making it new again, and striking up meaningful conversations with complete strangers in coffee shops. Although he admits to being a terrible English student in high school, his deep interest in biblical prophecy coupled with his growing sense of alarm about our current situation compelled him to finally pick up a pen and see if he could get to the bottom of the situation through writing. William currently resides in Kaslo, British Columbia, where he enjoys solitude and isolation. The peace and serenity of the village have allowed his thoughts to be assembled amongst all the world’s noise.


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