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Hell theology, Eternal torment hell, Universalism, Annihilationism, Traditional view hell, Views on hell, Ultimate restoration

Hell No
Not Quite What You Have Been Told by J.E.Gulbrandsen

Hell No - a provoking title, I know. May be it is time to be provoked a little. Many people struggle with the "hell" issue. They can't seem to square the belief that "God is love" with an "everlasting burning hell with physical flames." I have had a huge problem with that my self. The bible teaches three different hell views - to say it a little simplefied: different views for different times. In this book we are taking a close look at all of them - after all, we are basing this study on SCRIPTURE - not personal preferance. Then you can decide which one makes most sense to you. Most of us have only been presented with the "traditional" or "modern" hell view - now you can increase your knowledge and be more informed before you make up your own belief. Listen to your heart and your spirit. Ask your self: What would a LOVING God do? Then thing will start to come together.

JanEgil Gulbrandsen (born 1957) - married to Beverly (since 1977) Together they have 5 adult children and many grandchildren. Born in Norway into a Pentecostal family - Came to faith in Jesus at a very early age. Co-founder of a major Norwegian retail chain that is now listed on the Oslo stock exchange. Moved to Victoria BC, Canada in 2000 where Beverly is from - is now a real estate developer and builder. (but mostly retired)

Independent Christian thinker. Saved by grace! Attending the local community Baptist church. Have spent thousands of hours over the last 10 years studying the bible and other writings and commentaries on topics like grace, the last days, Israel, the book of Revelation and now: Hell.

You can reach him by email: or website:



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