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  • Ultimate Frontier

    Meeting the Challenge of Islamic Dawa (With Special Focus on Africa) by

    In this thoughtful and carefully-researched book the author seeks to shed light on the perils of Islamic Dawa, the ancient Islamist strategy for world-domination, dating back to the seventh century. He calls on Christians in particular to enter this ...

  • Manitoba Muslims

    A History of Resilience and Growth by

    Manitoba Muslims: A History of Resiliance and Growth is both a look back at the history of Muslims in the province of Manitoba, and a look forward into the future. The Muslims of Manitoba have a presence that reaches back beyond a century. They are ...

  • So You Want To Write a Book On Islam


    This book is nominally the results of an attempt to find a publisher willing to contract with the author for the printing of a thesis on the inability of Western liberal society to critique Islam without applying a politically-correct glory-to-Islam ...

  • Hostage to History

    The Cultural Collapse of the 21st Century Arab World by

    “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.” —James Arthur Baldwin People, like you, all over the world are asking a serious question, demanding a credible answer: what happened to Arab culture and its peoples? Elie Mikhael ...