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  • Father Rick Roamin' Catholic


    As a boy, he played a priest saying Mass. Fast forward to the ’70s—long hair and rock-n-roll—a time for enjoying a new freedom as a budding young journalist at the Vancouver Sun. But after a random, chance trip to Seattle to visit family at a ...

  • A Letter to Pope Francis

    Musings On What Ails The Catholic Church by

    In this book, the author shares his honest and personal opinions concerning certain attitudes and doctrines of the Catholic religion. His goal in writing this book is not to try to instruct or indoctrinate you. Rather, he wishes to present you with ...

  • The Evangelizing Catholic

    How a Crisis Became a Gift by

    No one can believe alone, just as no one can live alone. You have not given yourself faith, as you have not given yourself life. In The Evangelizing Catholic, author Declan O’Sullivan shares his conversion experience, awakening to the presence of ...

  • Witness

    Voices and Choices by

    George Horak shares adventures and experiences from every stage of his life: growing up in an austere Catholic family in the former Czechoslovakia, witnessing the destruction of World War II, rebelling against the communists and escaping to South ...

  • Joseph, Husband of the Immaculate Mary


    In today’s universal crisis of marriage and family, this profound Josephological book contains sixteen well researched chapters. Four of these chapters deal with the Covenant of Love between Joseph of Nazareth and the Blessed Virgin Mary. The book ...

  • Favor or Luck?

    A mini autobiography by a Hybrid Christian by

    The phrase ‘God of Surprises’ should not be an unfamiliar term to any Christian. Throughout Scripture, we read that God has acted in ways that, at times, seem to contradict logic. The problem for us is the logic that God seemingly contradicts is OUR ...

  • Catholic Catechism Critique

    Is it Better to Enter the Door of Life by Catholic Keys or by Knocking? by

    The Catholic Catechism (Pope John Paul II edition) claims to be true and foundational to Catholicism. Catholic Catechism Critique examines the Catechism’s fallibilities and advises Catholics to write a version of the Catholic Catechism that ...

  • Debra's Gifts

    A story of love. The beginning and end of life. by

    Mother’s Statement: This book is about our experience with my daughter Debra’s walk with cancer. It is every mother’s nightmare — losing a child. It began the first day my daughter was diagnosed. Never did I consider the possibility that my diary ...