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  • The Howells of Carbonear


    The Howells of Carbonear is a thoroughly researched and sweeping genealogy that traces the 375-year documented history of the Howell family of Carbonear, Newfoundland. The Howells were planters, who came to Newfoundland to fish but did not return to ...

  • Our Roots in Floyd

    A History of Farming Families in the Town of Floyd by

    The town of Floyd had it's first settlers in the mid 1700's. There were still native Indians and wildlife we no longer see who lived in and near the area. There was no established monetary system as yet, so most trade was done in the form of ...

  • Bernstein Pioneers

    Descendants of Julius (Judah) Bernstein 1789-1868 by

    Bernstein Pioneers traces the history of the descendants of Julius Bernstein (1789–1868). With references to the Civil War, both World Wars, and the early history of the United States and Canada, it is an offering that is both personal and ...

  • Odyssey of Faith

    The Known Ancestors of Christopher Doerksen by

    This family history traces the Doerksen family back to their Mennonite roots, and then follows that family’s peregrinations from the Low Countries on Europe’s northern coast, to the Vistula Delta region of modern Poland, to a self-governing colony ...

  • Mafetai and Palahna Malysh

    A Journey to Canada by

    This publication was twenty-five years of genealogical research by our father, John T. Malysh (1919-2014). He was a second-generation Canadian of Ukrainian descent who grew up witnessing his parent’s struggles. For him, it was an ambitious project ...

  • Family Gorham Plausible Speculations


    Family Gorham Plausible Speculations is an historical genealogical record of the Family Gorham, which includes a lineage of emperors, nobles, crusaders and clergy from early medieval times to everyday people in contemporary North America. It begins ...

  • The Abbotts

    A Devonshire Immigrant Family in Canada. by

    The Abbotts: a Devonshire immigrant family in Canada explores the history of a large middle class family who made the decision to emigrate from Devon, England to settle in south western Ontario in the 19th century. The choice to emigrate was not ...

  • Deep Roots

    A Personal Family History by

    Everyone of us is who and where we are today because of the efforts and decisions of those who came before us -- our ancestors. This book traces the history of nine of my ancestral families, from their small farming villages in Germany, through the ...

  • McCoy Story

    Tracking Henry Daniel McCoy 1838-1951 by

    All Henry ever wanted was to escape the skinflint soil of his father's farm and make a life for himself, maybe make enough for a wife and children. Ordinary enough ambitions, but big enough to lead him across a continent, through near-fatal illness ...