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Family tree, Genealogy, Family & Relationships, Family history, British Emigration, Ontario families, Southern Ontario history

The Abbotts
A Devonshire Immigrant Family in Canada.
by Gail Ferguson

The Abbotts: a Devonshire immigrant family in Canada explores the history of a large middle class family who made the decision to emigrate from Devon, England to settle in south western Ontario in the 19th century. The choice to emigrate was not made lightly. The journey was arduous for the family with an expectant mother and 7 children, but the rewards of moving to the new Dominion of Canada were compelling. The book explores the ancestral history of the Abbott Family in Devon, the reasons they left, the settlement of the first generation immigrants in Ontario with their accomplishments, their challenges and their sorrows. It also focuses on the family's annual reunion which spanned 100 years. It will appeal to those interested in the ongoing immigrant experience in Canada as well as those who may reflect on their own family's journey to a new life in a new place. Ultimately, it is a well researched genealogical study of one family's experience, revealing so much about the immigrant experience of Canadians.

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Gail Ferguson has a graduate degree in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. As a public librarian she worked in references services, children's services, outreach services and managed a local neighbourhood branch for many years. Gail's has been an active researcher in family history since 1994, working with specialized genealogical collections, assisting professional researchers and coaching burgeoning ancestor hunters. She is a member of the Devon Family History Society and the Ontario Genealogical Society. Gail became interested in her own ancestors while attending family reunions and has pursued the information gaps and parsed the often fragmentary and conflicting accounts that are the accepted family stories. This is her first published work and she hopes to follow up with rigorous and in depth studies of other family branches. Gail lives in Toronto with her husband, Joseph Romain.


Gail Ferguson

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