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  • The Political Campaign “How-to” Guide

    Win The Election by

    “I wasn’t lucky. I deserved it.” - Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher The Political Campaign “How-to” Guide is a book that offers step-by-step guidelines on how to win an election as well as providing answers to questions a candidate may have about ...

  • A Big Idea

    Eliminating Poverty in Canada by

    Can the complex issue of poverty actually be addressed in Canada? Author Alan Redway believes the answer is yes—if it is tackled at a federal level—and explores how this can be achieved with the introduction of a Universal Basic Income in our ...

  • How They Run The Country

    Nineteen Short Stories of Canadian Politics by

    Here are 19 short stories about Canadian politics and government. These fictional “inside accounts” of political and governmental events, discussions and decisions give the reader an unvarnished view into how Ottawa works. That is, how politicians ...