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  • In the Bowels of Bureaucracy

    Thirty Years in the Developing World's Bureaucratic Machinery by

    An outsider’s romp through our developing world – countries in transition from planned to market economies, failed states, post-conflict states and the bureaucrats caught in the middle of stagnation, rapid change and chaos. The book is a memoir of ...

  • The Broken Silence


    At a time in history when fear of ‘the other’ has become commonplace, The Broken Silence is a timely book that shows a glimpse in the timeline of how Islam has been marginalized in society. It examines the impacts of economic sanctions on vulnerable ...

  • Nine Days for Justice


    Who kidnapped Luis Montador? Is it the militant group Nine Days for Justice, which claims credit and demands a $25-million ransom? Does the group really exist, or is it just a smokescreen? Is the abduction part of a struggle within the mighty ...