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Expert Advice, International Development, Developing countries, Governance, UNDP, Grants & Funding, United Nations Development Programme

In the Bowels of Bureaucracy
Thirty Years in the Developing World's Bureaucratic Machinery
by Robert G. Boase

An outsider’s romp through our developing world – countries in transition from planned to market economies, failed states, post-conflict states and the bureaucrats caught in the middle of stagnation, rapid change and chaos. The book is a memoir of the countries, their people and the workings of their bureaucracies with all their warts and foibles. Nigeria post-Biafra, whimsical Laos, the fabled Middle-Kingdom, ‘unified’ Vietnam, pre-electoral Afghanistan and post but not post-conflict Iraq come alive in this book in the elusive search for Good Governance.

Robert Boase has worked as a consultant in forty developing countries with a total of 15 years resident in Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, Latin America and the Caribbean. His work was reviewing and planning development projects, administrative reform, decentralization, anti-corruption, moving from centrally planned to market economy and strengthening civil society. In his early career he was contracted by the then Canadian International Development Agency then later the United Nations Development Program, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. But his day-to-day work was in the bowels of developing countries’ bureaucracies or with non-governmental organizations where he came face-to-face with locals and their struggle to survive.


Robert G. Boase

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