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  • Diving In

    A year of swimming on the edge of Haida Gwaii by

    This powerful and lyrical poetry collection was inspired by a year of cold-water swimming in the ocean and rivers on the edge of Haida Gwaii. Kim Larocque started daily dips in the frigid waters after a joyful New Year’s Day swim with ...

  • Arc of Light and Shadow

    Poems with Art by

    Arc of Light and Shadow invites you on a journey into the natural world. It draws you into the liminal spaces that open the heart to explore its forgotten corners, to beckon the light, illuminating new pathways and vistas. Words and images converge ...

  • Gift of Lament


    Gift of Lament is one woman’s raw and powerful story of surviving the horrors of intimate partner violence. Through evocative poetry and poignant journal entries, Sherrie Winstanley explores the depths of her harrowing abusive relationship with an ...

  • There Is Light In Me Too

    Poems by

    There Is Light In Me Too is like an open heart surgery, brought on by heartaches. Fuelled by anger, these poems are about shifting. This poetry collection is evocative of discomfort, pain and growth coming from a painful year. The narrator doesn't ...

  • Past Passed

    A Collection of Rock N’ Roll Poems by

    Kurt Cobain. Michael Stipe. Gord Downie. What do all of these artists have in common? They have all been major influences on the author and her poetry. This book contains over 100 original poems written in the author’s own poetic language that ...

  • Midlife Musings

    Life, Love, God and the Universe by

    Everyday life and work can lead to a detached analytical mood, especially for those of us called to prize objectivity and strive for perfection. However, in certain seasons we become frightfully aware of our sensitive side, the vast ocean of emotion ...

  • Perfectly Flawed

    poetry for change by

    Beloved Flaw “Perfection, however perfect, can annoy, Rendering you unattainable, remote, coy, When in reality, you are just as humanely what Flawed as all the others who refute their faulty perfection.” (p. 55)

  • Life Like It Is

    You've Gone Through This by

    My book is about poetry. This book came about because of my shyness. I started writing this book at the age of 14, because I was an extremely shy young girl, who found it easier to express myself by writing how I felt, rather than communicating ...

  • Sun Set Moon Rise

    a sweet surrender of poems by

    Everyone—no matter our differences—share the same sun, moon, and stars. Life is working through divine order because the universe lives within each and every one of us. This is why everything along your journey has led you right here. This ...

  • Now, My Perspective


    Now, My Perspective is a book of poems about the Black experience, femininity, religion, belonging, and self-realization. The book is divided into three chapters, each of which documents a different phase of understanding about what it means to be ...