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  • Omertà

    A Mafia Family by

    In a Mafia crime family, loyalty is everything, and snitches get stitches. Omertà is a code of silence; keeping it means protection, but the danger is real and unpredictable. This collection of heartfelt poems takes a deep dive into how growing up ...

  • Treasure of Pearls

    Celebrating Life Lived, in Poetry by

    This collection of poems and illustrations celebrates the vision-widening joys of travel and multiculturalism while bringing to light the urgent need for tolerance, love, compassion, and respect for the old, young, and vulnerable. Author Selwyn ...

  • Owl in a Towel


    What’s so special about a towel, you ask?! Meet Owl: a genderless, preschool-aged bird from an interspecies family with a flair for multi-functional fabric! As the young owlet shows us how to think ‘beyond the bath’, one would incorrectly assume ...

  • Rhymes for a Reason

    The Power of People, Positivity, and Playfulness by

    No matter our age, the world changes and challenges us every day. Life is a voyage of discovery; we learn as we go. As love grows in our hearts, we see the ironies and the coincidences, the struggles and the pitfalls, and we also see the silver ...

  • Gift of Lament


    Gift of Lament is one woman’s raw and powerful story of surviving the horrors of intimate partner violence. Through evocative poetry and poignant journal entries, Sherrie Winstanley explores the depths of her harrowing abusive relationship with an ...

  • There Is Light In Me Too

    Poems by

    There Is Light In Me Too is like an open heart surgery, brought on by heartaches. Fuelled by anger, these poems are about shifting. This poetry collection is evocative of discomfort, pain and growth coming from a painful year. The narrator doesn't ...

  • Perfectly Flawed

    poetry for change by

    Beloved Flaw “Perfection, however perfect, can annoy, Rendering you unattainable, remote, coy, When in reality, you are just as humanely what Flawed as all the others who refute their faulty perfection.” (p. 55)

  • Life Like It Is

    You've Gone Through This by

    My book is about poetry. This book came about because of my shyness. I started writing this book at the age of 14, because I was an extremely shy young girl, who found it easier to express myself by writing how I felt, rather than communicating ...

  • Shitty Jody


    Heartbreak, new love, motherhood, and sex are anticipated events in most females’ lives. Krista’s journey in “Shitty Jody” not only resonates in our personal lives but gives a new colour imagery to feelings and ideas we have been unable to ...

  • Unrequited Expressions


    Unrequited Expressions is a collection of poetry that deals with a wide variety of social and personal issues, from race, mental health, love, loss, family, and so on. The main idea showcases what it is like to be black in America. Young deals with ...