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  • Feathers from a Ghost


    This book of poetry is a collection of poems that were created on a journey of healing and self-discovery for TaMarah. Trauma affects people in different ways and it can either break someone or make people a force to be reckoned with. As a result of ...

  • Just Thinking

    A little book, for when you have a little time, with some little writings, which may produce some little thoughts. by

    This book is a compilation of short poems which are hopefully found interesting and thought provoking. It is ideal for picking up when you have a few moments to spare, or can be read in one sitting if so desired. Colin Chappell includes tributes to ...

  • Poetic Web

    Guts for the Glory by

    Poetic Web: Guts for Glory is a poetic journey through life’s ups and downs, with writing that is bold and honest with a touch of humor. In the world of Poetic Web: Guts for Glory, sorrows whisper in the wind, restless hearts find unbelievable ...

  • Encounter The Poet


    Exposure to the complex structure of this new world of ways shows those who have peeked around corners observing a way more gently, gradually. Others of us have been thrust out in life swiftly, suddenly; feeling deserted in a dark room, alone. These ...

  • Pearls in the Grass


    There are truly pearls in this memoir, treasuries of generosity in spirit, courage and humor. I have known Cinder Warren for many years and in many circumstances. I am filled with wonder and astonishment by the way she faces life's challenges and ...

  • Chasing a Butterfly

    A journey in poems of love and loss to acceptance by

    Through the close-up lens of his heart, Herb Bryce takes us on a journey into the hazy world of the Alzheimer’s afflicted. He paints a loving and tender picture with words of his life and love, gently unravelling the pages from the spool of his ...

  • Blind Insight


    How do you see the world when you are blind? How does the world see you? Blind Insight shares one woman’s experience growing up legally blind. In poetry and art, the author takes us on a journey through memory, introducing the main characters in her ...

  • Home


    HOME- a series of short stories encouraging us to connect with what home means to us. It offers vignettes through a cast of characters in a variety of challenging, humorous, heart opening, fun situations. The poem in each story creates a rhythm ...

  • Living in the Valley

    A journey back to self by

    This 3 part journal memoire with poetry, is a personal account of Tivonna's journey back to self, where profound grief was the vehicle. She utilized spiritual healing, intuition, and a team of Earth Angels to heal her emotions, which also improved ...