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  • Homecoming


    This book is a collection of poetry geared towards all those who struggle with mental illness. In hopes that no young fragile mind has to go through these growing pains, this book is also here to comfort those who unfortunately have felt the ...

  • Remnants of Our Life with Your Dementia

    A Poetic Memoir by

    A poignant account in poetic verse of one man’s journey with his wife, into the all-encompassing realm of her dementia.

  • Shitty Jody


    Heartbreak, new love, motherhood, and sex are anticipated events in most females’ lives. Krista’s journey in “Shitty Jody” not only resonates in our personal lives but gives a new colour imagery to feelings and ideas we have been unable to ...

  • Before The Yes


    Robert Graham’s new collection of poems Before The Yes invites a reader to take a closer look at many of the too-often unremarked yet significant features of everyday life and experience. To accomplish this, in each of its four major sections Graham ...

  • An Outlaw Named Jesus

    Offensively Blasphemous Poetry by

    This thought-provoking collection takes aim at the dark, irrational, immoral, and dangerous elements of religion; Televangelists preying on elderly victims, extant misogyny and witch-burning practices, racism, slavery and violence defended in holy ...

  • In the rising mist


    Kamal has crafted verses of beauty, life and childhood memories of India. Her verses reflect a poet’s delight in seeing beauty all around us, in self-reflection and quiet appreciation. Her verses speak of her acute observation, sensuousness and an ...

  • A Soldier's Book of Poems


    Having been medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces after 33 years of service, I found myself dealing with the realities of no longer being able to work, a continually deteriorating state of health, and a significant amount of time on my ...

  • Quartette

    Living through loss and learning through love; poetry for the soul by

    The Millennial generation is opening up. They’re talking and reading about their feelings, and books like Quartette make it clear: you’re not alone—your feelings are valid and important, and they are yours to experience. Whatever your faith, race, ...

  • Love Snacks

    Let's have a poetry party!! by

    “Life is like a great wedding reception, it all starts by saying hello many, many times; soon we become friends…” Love Snacks is a banquet of poems, stories, and songs waiting to engage you in family memories and story-telling. So gather your ...

  • Heal With Me & Our Journey Goes On


    This is the third edition to the Heal With Me series. It started as Inspiration Needed…A Book of Poems in 1997; to Heal With Me, and Our Journey Goes On in 1999, and 2001. These books have been a source of inspiration in various schools, ...