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  • Idea Gods

    A Biography by

    Child is always getting in trouble for questioning the word of God. But are those words really God’s? Or are they merely a distorted and vulnerable version, changed to fit the wants of humans? Idea Gods is part manifesto, dissecting the reasons ...

  • GOD, The Active Principle of Infinite Love


    Thought-provoking and enlightening, God: The Active Principle of Love examines the “dual componency” of the metaphysical and the physical that encompasses human existence. Addressing the traditional teachings of a variety of world religions, M. J. ...

  • Winds of Change

    (and a whisper) by

    What should we make of the winds of change blowing through our culture? The stories in this book explore some of those changes, and seek to entertain while offering a few insights.

  • An Outlaw Named Jesus

    Offensively Blasphemous Poetry by

    This thought-provoking collection takes aim at the dark, irrational, immoral, and dangerous elements of religion; Televangelists preying on elderly victims, extant misogyny and witch-burning practices, racism, slavery and violence defended in holy ...

  • Man to God

    Truth or Fiction by

    What is death? What is the ultimate purpose of life? These are questions that have always perplexed humankind. The ancient wisdom on the subject has always been dense, esoteric, and cloaked in secrecy—available to a select few. A spiritual quest can ...

  • A Religious Journey

    The Sun of God by

    Have you ever thought about the meaning of life and the role of religion? Professor Worrell presents his agnostic journey as a cultural Christian to answer both aspects of this important question beginning with his early college days. This ...

  • Being Is Belonging

    A Notebook of Lyrical Reflections by

    Being is Belonging is a collection of brief poem-like reflections about the meaningfulness of our everyday lives, set against the backdrop of the seasons of the year. Its focus is simply what its title implies: the deepest significance of anything ...

  • The Divine Daughter

    A Naming Ceremony by

    Ever feel swept up in a sea of novelty? When did the new become more important than the true? Andrew Gilchrist found a remedy to today's nausea of novelty in the most familiar elements of narrative and music. He has composed a new arrangement from ...

  • Thinking Christianity

    The Importance of the Mind in the Christian Life by

    Throughout Church history, a lack of clear thought has been the chief cause of heresy: wherever indifference to doctrine and theology has arisen, neglect and rejection have soon followed. Christianity today faces a crisis in thinking: there is both ...

  • Born Into Unity

    Embracing Our Common Spirituality by

    Today, many of us live under the impact of cultural pressures urging us to adopt an independent, me-first (or us-first) orientation towards life. "Born into Unity: Embracing Our Common Spirituality" urges us to do the opposite. This collection of ...