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p.d. crawford, Canadian poetry, spirituality, lyrical reflections, born into unity, universal faith, interdependencies

Being Is Belonging
A Notebook of Lyrical Reflections
by p. d. crawford

Being is Belonging is a collection of brief poem-like reflections about the meaningfulness of our everyday lives, set against the backdrop of the seasons of the year. Its focus is simply what its title implies: the deepest significance of anything is what it has in common with everything— it belongs.

From: "The Music of Belonging"

Any sound can be part of a melody.

Any movement can be part of a rhythm.

And different voices can come together

creating either harmony or discord.

But nothing happens that does not contribute

to the music of belonging to our world

in a mutually significant way …

To listen to this music

is to hear the sounds of the Seasons of Life

resonating within us.

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Paul D, Crawford, PhD., has worked as a professional musician (composer, producer, performer, teacher) and academic (teacher, writer) in the fields of educational psychology, philosophy, theology, and interdisciplinary studies. Underscoring all his work is a compelling interest in spirituality, world religions, and enjoying the beauty and bounty of nature as well as the many artistic traditions of our world. In addition to producing a variety of musical compositions and academic articles, he is the author of two books about recognizing the universal nature of spirituality: In the Middle of Things: The Spirituality of Everyday Life” (Tellwell, 2016), and Born into Unity: Embracing our Common Spirituality (FriesenPress, 2018).


p. d. crawford

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