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  • Love Anyway

    A Mother Daughter Journey of Caregiving by

    A poignant memoir about a daughter’s life changing journey as her mother’s caregiver and the many challenges of caring for a chronically ill parent. Pat’s relationship with her mother, Anne, changed drastically when she moved in with Pat and her ...

  • In Harm's Way: Professional Heath Care Workers at Risk

    A critical argument for organizational change by

    In 2014 CBC television and radio investigated the treatment of staff at a high-risk adolescent treatment/corrections centre in British Columbia, Canada. This is a government run facility that put their staff in "Harms Way". WorkSafeBC (The Workers ...

  • Did You Hide the Cookies?

    Inescapable Heartaches of Caregiving for My Love with Alzheimer's, Anxiety, and COPD by

    One day there is a diagnosis. And in that instant, you become a caregiver. Now what? Unexpectedly, Judith Allen Shone begins the journey of an unprepared and terrified caregiver when her aging loved one is diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. ...

  • Wisdom From the Homeless

    Lessons a Doctor Learned at a Homeless Shelter by

    SOMETIMES THE WORLD SEEMS LIKE A VERY DARK PLACE. In this angry world, I have seen a glimpse of light. I have seen kindness, love and hope at a homeless shelter. Siloam Mission is named after a pool where, in Biblical times, Jesus healed a blind ...

  • All is Well


    Read and enjoy. This book is for people living with the effects of memory loss. Family, friends, and caregivers will be thrilled with this straightforward and beautiful tool to support continued communication and connection. This publication is a ...

  • I'm the Bob and Cathy's Kid

    Emotions - Love and Fury by

    This is a story about Suzanna Bailey, who at the age of fourteen months began experiencing epileptic seizures. Consequently, these seizures led to countless appointments with medical professionals. Six successive brain surgeries left her with ...

  • One Hell of a Ride


    ONE HELL OF A RIDE Surviving my Concussion Also Known As A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury The book is very much an eye opener and does exactly what the author set out to do: offer a very personal and highly practical insight to the victims and loved ...

  • I Lost My Child To Cancer

    A Mother's Story from Diagnosis to Healing After Loss by

    In the spring of 2006, Shelly Dubois is as happy as she’s ever been. A recent move to beautiful Vancouver Island has proven to be a terrific decision. Her husband Jean is pleased with his new job, their younger daughter Aleida is adjusting well, and ...

  • Ants in the Fridge

    Journey of a Caregiver by

    Extended care and assistance for the elderly is now classified as caregiving. In this world of caregiving there exists the good, the bad and the ugly. Who knew?

  • Essential Oils and The Dying

    Terminal Illness and Natural Therapies by

    Are you a caregiver? Are you feeling afraid, overwhelmed, frustrated and maybe out of your element? Essential Oils and The Dying offers information, suggestions, encouragement, and praise for all who assume the role of caregiver. Ms Thomas Moore was ...