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One Hell of a Ride
by David J. Pollock


Surviving my Concussion

Also Known As

A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

The book is very much an eye opener and does exactly what the author set out to do: offer a very personal and highly practical insight to the victims and loved ones suffering the torment of a mild traumatic brain injury.

David’s original intent was to write a thank you letter to his wife for taking care of him during the initial months of his head injury. At the time he had recently regained the ability to read and write but had little memory and thought it would be a good idea to write things down in case he regressed and lost the chance.

The letter founded a journal, the journal fathered this book.

This book is exceptionally well written, instantly capturing the reader with an extremely personal description of the often completely misunderstood struggles one faces while dealing with the loss of emotional responsiveness, impaired cognitive abilities, time loss and physical hardships.

The author’s powerful description of his experience offers invaluable counsel to loved ones, caregivers and professionals struggling alongside a victim, like David, who was incapable of communicating during the early stages of his head injury.

The author displays an unwavering sense of hope and positive thinking with a touch of disparaging humour in this deeply candid and poignant narrative.

David Pollock is a builder of fine furniture with a love of writing and boat building. Before he sustained a traumatic head injury while on the job, he was writing a book about the construction methods he had used while building a traditional wooden boat for himself and his wife to use to enjoy fly fishing, exploring, and summer picnics that wouldn’t be complete without a chilled bottle of wine.


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