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Target Audience:
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Juvenile Fiction, LGBT, Transgender, identity, Early reader, Transgender, Children’s picture book

Muffy was Fluffy
by Rikki Marie-Josée Dubois

Many people are finding that the gender in which they were raised is not the one that they are comfortable with. Whether they are changing from male to female or female to male, these changes affect everybody in the person's life. The changes are required in order for the person to live fully and completely as their true selves.

How does one explain to a young child why their loved one is changing their gender? “Muffy was Fluffy” was written to show young children how a beloved pet, Fluffy, is not comfortable with the way she was born and in order to be truly happy, she must change into Muffy, the type of pet she was meant to be.

Rikki is a university educated transgendered woman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. After suffering from depression her whole life, Rikki realized at 45 years old that the depression was caused by Rikki living her life as male while having a female brain. While researching information on gender dysphoria, she realized that there are no books available to help young children understand why a parent or loved one should change their gender. So she wrote “Muffy was Fluffy”. Rikki currently lives with her partner and their black Pomeranian named Tux and their terrier cross named Spirit. She is the parent of two adult sons who accept her for who she is.


Rikki Marie-Josée Dubois
Denis Grenier

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