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  • Florence the Deer and Friends


    Florence The Deer and Friends is a whimsical journey, into teachable moments that are captivating for children of all ages, any stage of life, all around the world! Florence The Deer and Friends struggle with conflicts we all do, but together, they ...

  • Ruby’s Bubble


    Meet Ruby, an active child who loves to bounce, dance and play with her friends. When an accident occurs from too much excitement, Ruby calms herself in three easy steps and teaches the reader to do the same. By staying calm and visualizing a ...

  • The Yakkers


    Too silent is he who sits on the rock. Why yak to a Jibbergamboo who won't talk? Well, that’s just what the gossipy Yakkers from Yakkety Creek are about to find out in a hilarious comeuppance that takes them completely by surprise. Sparkling with ...

  • Longger-Jo Takes on The Bully


    It’s hard to know how to handle bullies. But NOT telling someone and NOT stopping the bully can be dangerous. Bullying is not new and it can happen to anyone. Remember that if you are bullied, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. Anyone can ...

  • Wide-Eyed Joe

    Behaves in Public by

    Wide-Eyed Joe Behaves in Public is a story about places and people outside of the home and family. It teaches children how to stay away from some of the dangers in the real world and teaches behavioural best practices. This short and easy to read ...

  • The Christmas Choice


    The Christmas Choice is a story about two brothers who ambush Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and the aftermath of their unkind act. After realizing what they have done, the boys take immediate action to rectify matters. It is a heartwarming story of ...

  • Chuck

    The Different Vampire by

    Chuck is a different young vampire. He is longing to be in the sun and day time world. Along his way he finds out he has a special power that allows him to be in the sun...manners and being polite. While out in his community he meets a young girl ...