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Target Audience:
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Teeth, Brushing, Dentistry, Educational, Fun, Health , Staying clean

Fuzzy Teeth
by Rachel Lillie

When you use your tongue to feel your teeth, do they feel fuzzy? If so, it’s time to brush!

It’s easy to get distracted by all the fun things to do in the world. But whether you’re about to go and play in the yard or getting ready for bed, you know it’s time to brush when you feel… FUZZY TEETH!

Fuzzy Teeth is an engaging and educational book that teaches kids how to know that it’s time to brush their teeth. Thanks to its humorous and relatable story, children will feel motivated to brush their teeth any time they think their teeth feel fuzzy, or at least twice a day!

Rachel Lillie is a registered Dental Hygienist who often works with children as her patients. She was motivated to write Fuzzy Teeth by her passion for dental hygiene and her desire to advocate optimal oral health to all age groups. Creating a book that children can relate to helps educate kids on the importance of why we brush our teeth. Plus it’s fun, happy, and hands-on!

Lillie lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with her family of four.


Rachel Lillie

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