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by Mary Porter

In May of 2010, I read the two greatest commandments as stipulated by Jesus. In prayer I asked our Father, “What does it mean to love You with all our mind? Are there pieces of our mind out there somewhere?” It was the summer of 2016, when our Lord answered that prayer. While sitting in the living room with my eyes closed, and in prayer with Father, I suddenly found myself inside a Vision of Father and myself at three-years-old. We were playing on a beach at sunset. It seemed like I was watching and hearing it all as I was only ten feet away. Then the Vision changed to that of our Lord speaking to a little three-year-old-boy He called, “Wee3”. For several minutes I watched Jesus interact with Wee3 in the garden at The Mission where I volunteered in Smiths Falls, ON, where I live. I was utterly astonished at this Vision and spoke about it in Prayer Ministry with Pastor Randy and Angela. It was revealed by Jesus at that time that Wee3 was a fragment in my mind. Jesus shared imagery to help us understand a fragmented mind. Imagine peeling an orange, but not detaching the peel. The orange is symbolic of the mind and the peel is symbolic of the fragment—they are barely attached. Pastor spoke about how very young children are not equipped to experience severe trauma – of which I did, starting from infancy. To live through the trauma, the mind creates a safe place (a fragment) to be, and to store the memories. Since these experiences and memories are stored in the fragment, they are no longer remembered but buried in the subconscious mind. People with fragment minds don’t usually name them. Jesus did. He did this because over the summer of 2016, He placed me inside five Visions of Wee3. In Prayer Ministry we discovered that Jesus had given me a story for adults to read to their children while healing the fragment of Wee3 back into my conscious mind. When I became a born again Christian at age fifty, the mind fragment, Wee3 had to become one with me, Mary, so I could love God with all my mind. Five years after Wee3, Jesus brought another fragment forward of whom He called Jack. Another children’s story which is part of a trilogy of stories. Miss Bossy & Billy Noetall being part three. What you hold in your hands is a children’s story by Jesus. It is a story He used to heal me from various traumas in my wee life, on the path toward making me whole. Wee3 is Jesus’ work speaking through three levels at once –Spiritual, Physical and Practical. I take no credit for the story; I simply wrote down what He showed me. I hope you will enjoy His Loving Presence throughout the words and illustrations.

Written by Mary Porter and illustrated by Katerina Dezember


Mary Porter
Katerina Dezember

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