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  • ¡Hola!


    Javi, a passionate Jalapeño introduces some of his "compadres" (friends) many of whom have emigrated from various countries. Javi's friends tell about their experiences and share fascinating stories which Javi uses to promote cultural awareness and ...

  • Rocket the Rescue Dog


    “Emmett, do you think the beach dog has enough to eat at home?” Amelia asked. “I think the beach is her home,” Emmett said. “Not every dog has a family to love them and feed them.” This made Amelia sad for the beach dog. “I wish we could be her ...

  • Pepe and the tortugas


    "Pepe and the Tortugas" an interesting simple, educational short story told through the eyes of children that will help bring awareness to saving the sea turtles off the coast of Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula. The young readers learn how ...

  • Radcliffe Phelps and the Baja Crew


    How did an ex-Navy Seal, a loner, end up with such a motley group to crew his boat on the Gulf of California? Radcliffe Phelps called himself a Baja Expert. He was adept at getting people out of Mexican jails and finding what happened to people ...