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Mexican puppies, international dogs, rescue dogs, sustainable pets, animal rescue, animal rights for kids, ethics for children

Rocket the Rescue Dog
by Jessica Caitlin

“Emmett, do you think the beach dog has enough to eat at home?” Amelia asked.

“I think the beach is her home,” Emmett said. “Not every dog has a family to love them and feed them.”

This made Amelia sad for the beach dog. “I wish we could be her family,” she said.

In Mexico, lots of dogs don’t have homes. They run and jump around the streets trying to find food and make new friends. Back in Emmett and Amelia’s neighbourhood, dogs walk on leashes with their families and don’t need to find their own food. When the kids make a new friend on the beach, they can’t help but worry about her.

Their favourite stray dog was special. Every morning, she would race down the beach to see them and eat snacks, and her big loving eyes stole their hearts. Emmett and Amelia wanted to take care of their beach dog, not just in Mexico, but back home in Canada. Could this be possible?

Rocket the Rescue Dog follows a dedicated family as they try to rescue a stray dog from Mexico. From the beach, to the vet, to the airplane, Emmett and Amelia learn that rescuing a dog takes patience, hard work, and big hearts. It takes a community of animal lovers to make safe and responsible adoption possible.

Rocket the Rescue Dog gives children a glimpse into the emotional and fulfilling world of international animal rescue.

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JESSICA CAITLIN is an animal lover and consistently volunteers her time to the animal rescue community. Jessica has held fundraisers to raise funds for animal rescue organizations, has worked with local shelters to assist with animals in care, and is passionate about educating others on the benefits of adopting rescued animals.


Jessica Caitlin
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