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  • Let's Talk Sticky Stuff


    We all get lonely, scared, goofy and confused sometimes. Especially for children who live away from their biological families. Read how David learns to live with a new family and how he reacts to big and small emotions. Ask your child how they might ...

  • Every Family Is Different

    Even Animal Families! by

    Have you ever felt like your family is different than other families? Lots of people feel this way. But you only have to look to the animal kingdom to realize that families come in all shapes and sizes. Some families are large, with lots of ...

  • Muffy was Fluffy


    Many people are finding that the gender in which they were raised is not the one that they are comfortable with. Whether they are changing from male to female or female to male, these changes affect everybody in the person's life. The changes are ...

  • Our Grandfamily

    A Flip-Sided Book About Grandchildren Being Raised By Grandparents by

    About the Book Our Grandfamily is an honest, yet reassuring look at the struggles and joys of living in a skip-generation family. Designed as a flip-sided book, dual stories allow readers to experience a unique type of family arrangement from the ...

  • Lola's Rainbow of Friends


    Five-year-old Lola embarks on a journey to the park with her mommies. Upon arrival, she joins her friends who look different than her but who are actually very similar to Lola and her family. Something all families have in common is that they have ...