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Skip-generation family, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Multigenerational families, Alternative families, Parenting, Community

Our Grandfamily
A Flip-Sided Book About Grandchildren Being Raised By Grandparents by Sandra Werle

About the Book

Our Grandfamily is an honest, yet reassuring look at the struggles and joys of living in a skip-generation family. Designed as a flip-sided book, dual stories allow readers to experience a unique type of family arrangement from the perspective of both grandparents and grandchildren. With humour, heart, and highlighted feeling words to inspire conversation, Our Grandfamily is both entertaining and educational.

About Skip-Generation Families

The portrait of the North American family is changing dramatically, with skip-generation families becoming increasingly common. These special households consist of grandparents and grandchildren living life together. The middle generation, parents, are absent from the home – but still loved. This complex style of family faces numerous challenges and support can be difficult to find. The purpose of this book is to raise awareness of Grandfamilies, to reduce the isolation felt by many grandparents and grandchildren, and to encourage meaningful discussions both within skip-generation families and throughout the broader community.

About The SHARE Project

Our Grandfamily is the result of the collective efforts of those involved in The SHARE Project. SHARE stands for Skip-Generation Families Helping Others through Awareness Resources and Education. The project was inspired by grandparents and grandchildren living in skip-generation families in Calgary, Alberta and was generously funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program. In addition to this children’s book, the SHARE Project group also produced a resource for grandparents titled, Lasting Legacy: A Handbook of Guidance and Hope for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. This resource is available free of charge at

Although Sandra Werle served as the author of Our Grandfamily – it is not her story. Instead, this book grew out of the hearts and experiences of the participants of The SHARE Project group – resilient, resourceful grandparents and honest, courageous grandchildren. Sandra has had the privilege of sharing in the lives of grandparents raising their grandchildren over the past thirteen years through her involvement with The Children’s Link Society Grandparent Coffee Social. As SHARE Project Coordinator, Sandra treasured working with grandparents and grandchildren on this book and used the opportunity to share her interest in writing and her belief that we can all find ways to spread light and hope in this world. Sandra holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and lives with her husband, son, and dog.


Sandra Werle
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The SHARE Project Group
J.P. Roberts

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