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  • The Frost

    Based on an International Folk Tale by

    Deep in the Frost Woods lives an ancient creature, feared by all, who rules over everything in the forest. The very forest that Beth now calls home… When Beth moves to the Frost Woods with her father, stepmother, and stepsister after a terrible ...

  • The Christmas Nisse

    A Family Christmas Tradition by

    A delightful Christmas story for families. The Christmas Nisse presents a Danish Christmas tradition about the magical little Nisse. These mischievous creatures live at the North pole with Santa. On the last night of November, they roam through ...

  • Princess Fatimeh's Bizarre Adventure


    Most Africans grow up with the belief that we owe our parents great respect and consideration. We strongly believe that we must always ask and receive our parents’ approval and blessings before making any important life decision. All over Africa, ...

  • Peter the Little Irish Seal


    This is a story about the special relationship between a mother and her child. Peter and his mother are very special seals called Selkies. According to Celtic folklore, a Selkie can shed its skin and become human. Before this is possible, Mama Kim ...

  • The Lights of Diwali


    A young family in India is about to celebrate Diwali, the ancient Hindu festival of lights, in contemporary times. In Lights of Diwali the author has taken one of the ancient world’s epic stories The Ramayana and recapped it for a new generation of ...