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  • Ian and Igor

    Inquisitive Island Iguanas by

    Ian is a very inquisitive iguana. And he’s hungry! So, Ian and his brother, Igor, decide to set out in search of a nutritious lunch. Do you know what iguanas eat? Curious about all the tasty treats paradise has to offer, Ian scampers up a palm ...

  • Pepe and the tortugas


    "Pepe and the Tortugas" an interesting simple, educational short story told through the eyes of children that will help bring awareness to saving the sea turtles off the coast of Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula. The young readers learn how ...

  • Fred's Challenge


    Fred's Challenge is a fun read along for adults and children. Fred a young frog has an unusual problem. He can't sink below the surface of the water in pond, he just floats on top. So Fred begins his quest to find solution to his problem by asking ...