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Ian and Igor
Inquisitive Island Iguanas
by Chloricia Lake Myers

Ian is a very inquisitive iguana. And he’s hungry! So, Ian and his brother, Igor, decide to set out in search of a nutritious lunch. Do you know what iguanas eat? Curious about all the tasty treats paradise has to offer, Ian scampers up a palm tree. Surely coconuts are so big that one coconut would feed Ian and Igor much more than just lunch! But Ian doesn’t listen when his older brother tries to teach him why coconuts aren’t meant for iguanas to eat. And what could possibly go wrong? Well … just ask Ian! Ian and Igor: Inquisitive Island Iguanas follows the adventures of these two characters as they explore their natural habitat. It is packed with lessons not only about nature, but also about the value of listening to our elders. In addition, this picture book is excellent for use in cross-curricular content areas. Encouraging students to explore and learn about faraway places, the Activity Packet in the back of the book provides a variety of practice activities for reinforcing and enhancing skills already learned, as well as introducing new skills. Such skills include: vocabulary building and comprehension skills, such as identifying cause-effect relationships, compare and contrast, and story elements. The packet provides opportunities for children to engage with the text through written expression and is ideal for use as independent study for home-school, classroom, or small group discussion settings.

"Congratulations on a very fine story about iguanas in their natural habitat. For the majority of developed world children now, it is difficult to help them connect with nature in the wild and even more difficult to help them recognize more exotic species and appreciate their presence in our world. I believe your story and activities will help on those levels, as well as build vocabulary and knowledge about the natural world as a whole... I noted that you hope to continue this as a series. I would seriously encourage you to do so. You have real skills in storytelling, vocabulary building, and designing activities to encourage the development and practice of critical thinking and analytical skills. All those years in the classroom are opening up another career path from the comfort of your home office. I did much the same years ago after consulting/teaching, and I recommend it. Feels good! Your FriesenPress Editor

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About the Author Chloricia Myers was born and raised in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Surrounded by tropical fruit trees, lush woods, and pristine beaches, she experienced a rich and memorable childhood and developed an insatiable appetite for nature. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Chloricia became an elementary school teacher in Boston, Massachusetts upon achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Language Arts from Andrews University in Michigan. It was in Boston that she met her now-husband, Roland. Chloricia and Roland now live in Virginia and are the parents of three lovely daughters. A retired teacher since 2017, Chloricia has been honing her craft of writing since 1987 and is currently pursuing the life of a published author. About the Illustrator Carron M. Lake is the eldest of the author’s three siblings. He grew up on the island of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. With a fascination for drawing, painting, and sculpting he pursued a degree in Visual Communications which deals with graphic designs from the Pittsburgh Art Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Chloricia Lake Myers
Carron M. Lake

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