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  • The Boy and the Honeybees


    Marvin loves the honeybees. He loves to watch them, play with them, and learn about them. Lucky for Marvin, his mama knows a lot about honeybees. She teaches him of their importance to the natural ecosystem and how such small creatures have such a ...

  • The Missing Toe

    The Story of an Adventurous Caterpillar and His Friends by

    Tik, Tak, and Toe are excited to turn into monarch butterflies! But these little caterpillars have a long way to go before that happens. The milkweed leaves they eat are filled with other insects that want to eat them, so they’re grateful when a ...

  • Are You My Best Friend?


    She flew all day and flew all night, when suddenly an alligator came into sight! “Are you my best friend?!” she yelled with delight. A newborn dragonfly takes off into the world in search of her best friend. She meets all kinds of animals, but not ...

  • Mr. Glow


    Lily a garden moth finds herself on the wrong side of the fence in this imaginative story about helping others and being brave. Follow Lily and her friends as they work together to defeat the mysterious bug light, Mr. Glow.

  • Bee Kind


    Alyssa is playing at the park when she hears a girl crying. The little girl, River, has been stung by a bee! But Alyssa isn’t afraid, and knows just what to do. With kindness and friendship, Alyssa’s actions remind children how to be kind to each ...

  • Ocellus & Chitkin


    Ocellus & Chitkin© are the stories about two ants who are trying to escape from a cacao plantation where they are slaves. The stories mirror real children, today. The ants' daring and unexpected attempts to get home and find freedom are exciting and ...

  • Sally the Spider's Great Adventure


    Sally the Spider takes a tumble and loses two of her eight legs. She’s not hurt, but she does want her missing legs back. So, she sets out on the greatest adventure of her life. With help from Olly the Owl in the great big forest, Sally searches ...

  • Mom, If You Don't Like Spiders, Don't Even!


    This is a book about the best thing ever, spiders! If you don't like spiders you won't like this book, you might even think this book shouldn't be read, looked at, kept in the library or on a bookshelf! This book is not for you! It is a book for ...

  • The Starbugz save the Earth


    Hello out there! From deepest outer space they come! Who knows where the Starbugz are from? Their spaceship zooms straight for our planet. They'll be surprised at what's found on it! The Earth's not what it used to be, Garbage as far as the eye ...

  • A Bug, A Slug, and a Ladybug


    A bug is a bug, and a slug is a slug. And everyone knows . . . bugs and slugs DO NOT mix! But when Barney the bug and Sally the slug fall in love, bugs everywhere begin to question what they were so sure of before. The entire bug kingdom watches as ...