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  • Ruby the Hummingbird


    This is a children's book of a hummingbird's adventure in surviving the winter migration through the help of a friend. It is suited to Christmas reading as Santa Claus makes an appearance at the end of the story. It is written in seventeen short ...

  • B3 the Adult Eagle


    This is the fourth and final book in a series about a bald eagle named B3. At 5 years old, B3’s development has culminated into an Adult, where if successful, she will mate and reproduce for up to 25 years in the wild. In this fictional story, B3 ...

  • Alex's Adventure

    On the Westcoast of Canada by

    Can you imagine exploring the West Coast of Canada firsthand? You can, in the company of Alex, the young explorer who wants to take you on many fascinating adventures! Join Alex on her first adventure, which includes a surprising encounter with an ...

  • Bluebell and Snowflake

    The story of an Unlikely Friendship by

    Jess desperately wants a bird, so in faith she prays for one. One day she and her sister and best friend find an injured pigeon under a rock. The girls name the pigeon Bluebell and take it to live in the rabbit coop with Snowflake, a fluffy white ...

  • Magic on Robins' Hill


    A Magical watering can, an eccentric artist with multi colored hair and many generations of ancestral robins are among those that live on Magic Robins’ Hill. Welcome to their world and the mystical connections they share with this land. Meet its ...

  • The Story of Honk, the Goose


    The Story of Honk, the Goose, is based on the real story of a goose that couldn't fly. Find out how he survived the winter all alone on a frozen farm pond and how he spent the following summer. Will he ever be able to fly south with his family?

  • I'll Find You Tumbleweed

    A Collection Of Four Short Stories by

    Cactus Wren Tumbleweed Tortoise Grouchy Old Lizard Little Burro Join these and other desert dwellers as they embark on adventures throughout their daily lives. Unlikely relationships are formed as challenges are overcome along the way. ...

  • Deep In The Woods

    A Benjamin Owl Book by

    Benjamin is an owl. But not just any owl. Benjamin can fly higher, farther and faster than any owl his age. Flying around he sees and hears a cow and learns to ‘moo’. He sees a rooster and learns ‘cock-a-doodle-do.’ He learns to make the sounds of ...

  • B3 the Subadult Eagle


    This is the third book in a series about a Bald Eagle named B3. The books are following B3’s development timeline from hatchling to an adult. The first book, “B3 the Baby Eagle”, was based on true events in 2014 at the Berry College nest in Georgia. ...

  • Simone and the Dove King


    Simone and the Dove King is a childrens book that speaks to the subject of bullying. As the story progresses the main character, Simone, experiences hurt and rejection from other young diamond doves within her community because she looks different. ...