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  • Cats’ Only Vice Is Destruction


    All of the humans are stuck at home, and the cats have no idea what to do! Their domain has been compromised, their kingdom invaded, and they are going to show their displeasure…by scratching and destroying everything! This delightful comedic poem ...

  • Scars and Stars


    Exploring love, death, grief, life, and cats named Bob, Kenneth Thompson touches on these themes with a deft hand an affinity for rhyme. He offers insightful twists and turns in a manner of just a few lines that allows the reader to relate, ...

  • What If Jack Wasn't So Nimble

    Mother Goose Characters Reimagined by

    Bridging the gap between humour and poetry, this collection of 64 reimagined nursery rhymes will conjure up memories of verses learned in childhood. Each of the author’s new rhymes is built upon elements of a Mother Goose original. Familiar ...

  • Rhymes for a Reason

    The Power of People, Positivity, and Playfulness by

    No matter our age, the world changes and challenges us every day. Life is a voyage of discovery; we learn as we go. As love grows in our hearts, we see the ironies and the coincidences, the struggles and the pitfalls, and we also see the silver ...

  • For Better or Verse


    On the front cover I noted that first impressions are important. But, what about lasting impressions? Are you now a fan? The definition of a limerick: “A humorous five line poem with rhythm scheme: AABBA. Three lines “A” have a beat or rhythm of ...

  • Why is "limerick" spelled incorrectly in this book?


    This book has over 650 limericks, best described this way...Perchance, might you find time to peruse / my book of lim-ricks while on your cruise? / Most are clean…none obscene. / Most are gentle…none mean… / and all are intended to amuse. The word ...

  • Rind nor Raisin

    A Disarray of Random Ramblings by

    This book contains a variety of disassociated verses. There is no intended continuity.

  • Splatology

    and other humourous poems to tickle your funny bone and touch your heart. by

    Splatology is a book of humourous poetry by Della L. Dickie that illuminates the fun side of life. Her poems reflect some hilarious real-life situations as well as other funny tales created from an active imagination. She also touches on some ...

  • Willy Nilly

    Just for Laughs by

    What you see is what you get, Cartoons with rhymes you won’t forget. Some make you laugh, some make you ponder, And others just leave you a way down yonder. So spend some time to peruse this book, And take your time, have a good hard look. For ...