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For Better or Verse
by George R. Roberts

On the front cover I noted that first impressions are important. But, what about lasting impressions? Are you now a fan? The definition of a limerick: “A humorous five line poem with rhythm scheme: AABBA. Three lines “A” have a beat or rhythm of eight and they rhyme (sound the same). Two lines “B” have a rhythm of five and they too sound the same. Music and poetry fit. TO GET YOU, THE READER, STARTED – HERE’S A BAD EXAMPLE: “There once was a guy they called Jack (8) Who people preferred to call John (8) Then give me more time (5) To make this thing rhyme (5) Or better still, leave it like that!” (8) For Better or Verse – have fun!

George R. Roberts photo

George R. Roberts lives in Victoria, British Columbia having moved from Toronto, Ontario in 1954. As a result of service in World War II, the government sponsored his high school Grade 12 and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto. He then articled and became a Charted Accountant with the Ontario Institute of Charted Accountants. George worked for five years with the Revenue Canada Agency in Victoria, and then opened up a private practice. The practice was sold in 1967 when he bought a travel trailer and the Roberts family drove to EXPO 67. His real passion, however, was music: tenor soloist, piano, organ, trumpet, and vibes. This kept him out of mischief.


George R. Roberts

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