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Pandemic, Lockdown, Cats, Funny poems for adults, Mischief, Messy, Adventure

Cats’ Only Vice Is Destruction
by Dr Sam

All of the humans are stuck at home, and the cats have no idea what to do! Their domain has been compromised, their kingdom invaded, and they are going to show their displeasure…by scratching and destroying everything!

This delightful comedic poem shows a different side of lockdown— that of our feline friends. Readers of all ages will be delighted by the hijinks of cats trapped in houses with their human minders. They will cavort, create chaos, and scratch everything in sight! Best of all of, they will remind us all that we are not in this alone.

Doctor Sam has a background in psychology and enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling—though she has not been able to do much of that last one lately. She has been writing since she was a child, with a particular passion for poetry. Seeing how the pandemic impacted the mental health of those around her, she decided to write a poem that would lift their spirits. And after watching her own cats react to lockdown, she knew exactly what her subject matter would be.

Doctor Sam lives with two rescue cats, as well as her family and a little teacup Yorkie.


Dr Sam
David Anderson

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