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  • A Play on Words

    The First 100 by

    A Play on Words is a lively, knee-slapping romp through the inherent vagaries of the English language. Readers can let the book drop open at any page and find an invitation to appreciate the absurdities with which real life is packed and to enjoy a ...

  • New Beginnings


    By all appearances, DeBrand O’Donnell is living a fulfilling life. He has an average job, the swanky clothes, the perfect shoes, the accepting friends and a witty comeback for every occasion. He thinks his life is without fault, but in truth, his ...

  • Silly, yes, but you smiled!


    The world turned upside down and inside out with no regard to the sanctity of history, people, places and things! Life should be this ridiculous so we can all just scratch our heads and smile!

  • Once Apun A Time

    A Rich, Historical and Sometimes Earthy Collection of Puns by

    Many puns are fleeting and transitory, devised and stated in a flash for a situation or immediate condition (see Word Plays, Puns Intended on the Internet). These kinds of puns can rarely be retold effectively, as the event that triggered them in ...