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Humor, Jokes, Bathroom books, Puns, Wordplay, Double meanings, Figures of speech

Just Kidding
I'm Serious
by Connor J. Delaney

“I would be rather amused if I ended up on the back of a book, that’s for sure.”

—Rhys Davis

Just Kidding does double-duty as a joke book and an art book with illustrations that can be brought to life with colour, much like an adult colouring book. Full of lame puns and dad jokes, alongside surprisingly beautiful cartoons, this book is the result of the author’s efforts to curate humour for others’ enjoyment, collected from strangers he met through his travels.

From millennials and new dads to depressed people and old dads, Just Kidding will interest anyone with an appreciation for a sterling pirate joke or inappropriate bursts of sarcasm. The main point of tension? Why the chicken crossed the road.


The most Amazing joke book ever created!

Self proclaimed Awesome!


You'll fuck people up with this!

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Dr. Rev. Connor J. Delaney wrote Just Kidding after breaking up with his third girlfriend. Tired of moping and drawing sad pictures, he decided to try and make money off his heartbreak and, ideally, laugh at the one that got away from a yacht.

Connor lives in Burnaby, B.C., with his roommate, Devin, and their two cats: Steak Only and Pussy Hunter Esteban Emilio Ramirez Mroaw Mroaw VanHierden.

Instagram: @dr.rev.connor


Connor J. Delaney

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