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Jokes, Religious jokes, Philippines, Filipino anecdotes, Filipino culture, Church humour, Humour for occasions

Golden Peanut
Filipino Humor for Many Occasions
by Juanito M. Jamora

Juanito M. Jamora loves to laugh—and he shares lots to laugh about in Golden Peanut.

Juanito’s warm Filipino humor puts a gentle twist on daily human foolishness. He lets us know that we were all born to be perfectly gullible and ridiculous sometimes, and that it’s a very good thing. We have a duty to poke a little good fun at life!

Filipinos are known throughout the world for their hospitality and positive attitude in life such as their ability to laugh at their own misfortunes. They have a unique sense of humor, and they make jokes in good times as well as in bad. In the storehouse of Juanito’s imagination, his funny descriptions of Filipino life blend the sweet-natured culture with the people’s strong devotional life. His jokes often imply more than they say, and they will make you think as well as laugh.

Heading out the door? Take Golden Peanut with you and trade a few jokes!

Along with his motto: ‘Enjoy life – smile and laugh,’ Juanito M. Jamora takes fun purposely. He has enjoyed bringing chuckles to people of every variety—in groups, at work, at church, and at many celebratory occasions in the Philippines and the US. He’s one of those talented people who always has the perfect joke to offer. He knows that in any situation, if you can surprise people with a great punchline and get them laughing, they’ll relax, welcome you, and open up to those around them.


Juanito M. Jamora

What People are Saying

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