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Book of puns, Wordplay collection, Witticisms, Portmanteau, Joke book, Books to make you laugh, One-liners

A Pundemic
by Rod Hulme

“Wordworking –- A Pundemic” contains over 600 quips that play on particular letters within the words we use. The resulting puns are both amusing and clever, with connotations that stray from the original meanings in entertaining ways. They are organized into a wide variety of topics, including music, books, romance, science, history and politics. This book will lighten the mood of any gray or rainy day. Enjoy!

Rod Hulme was born in England in 1946. He and his family emigrated to Canada in 1953 and settled in Hamilton, Ontario. Rod taught elementary school students for 30 years, mainly in the Stratford area. He and his wife Pat enjoy golfing, curling and visiting the family cottage near Parry Sound each summer. Rod maintains that the best bargain in the world is a library card.


Rod Hulme
Paul Schultz

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