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  • Proclamation 1625

    America’s Enslavement of the Irish by

    When one thinks of slavery in America, the only thought that comes to mind is Africans picking cotton in the fields of America. What many Americans don’t know is that the Irish preceded the Africans as slaves in the early British colonies of America ...

  • Last Run

    The Gauntlet Runner Book VII by

    Jacob Murray finally has what he wanted…almost. He is still tired from a war that has dragged on close to seven years. He desperately wants to get home but he has his obligations. He finally has Maggie by his side, only as fate has it, heartbreak is ...

  • Living in the New World


    The setting for Living in the New World is in Chesapeake Bay during the French and Indian War. This book is a sequel to my first book, A Whispered Dream. It has characters you were already introduced to. It is about love, war, death, grief, ...

  • Blind Faith

    The Gauntlet Runner Book VI by

    Enemies come in many forms, and they are not always what you think. Jacob Murray has learned that lesson, but it haunts him once again. The tides of the war have finally changed and the British are beginning to gain ground over their French ...

  • Forest Sentinels

    The Gauntlet Runner Book III by

    Coming off the disaster on the Monongahela , Jacob Murray and his young friend Joshua return to Fort Cumberland under the command of George Washington. The defeated British army soon withdraws further east, leaving the frontier virtually ...

  • Blood Lines

    The Gauntlet Runner Book IV by

    It is late autumn 1756, Jacob Murray and a band of rangers are locked in desperate pursuit of a Delaware raiding party that overran and massacred the garrison at Fort Stevens. Among the women and children taken prisoner is Jacob’s wife, Maggie. ...

  • Heights of Hell

    The Gauntlet Runner Book V by

    Years of British-led failures have taken its toll on Jacob Murray. Standing alone amidst the aftermath of yet another unfathomable defeat, his thoughts turn north to his wife Maggie and the perilous gulf of wilderness that stands between them like ...