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  • The Birdcages

    British Columbia's First Legislative Buildings 1859-1957 by

    Revealing a little-known chapter in the history of Victoria, British Columbia, The Birdcages, the province’s first legislative buildings, were built 1859-1864, the formative, tumultuous time of the Gold Rushes. Constructed on the site of the present ...

  • A Village In The Shadows

    The Remarkable Story of St Davids, Ontario by

    A Village in the Shadows is about survivors from the American Revolution who remained loyal to King George III. At the start of the revolution in 1776, families began to lose their homes, farms and businesses. They wanted to continue their old way ...

  • First We Were Soldiers

    The Long March To Perth by

    Between 1816 and 1819, more than 1,200 discharged British soldiers, from over 80 regiments of infantry, cavalry and artillery, the Royal Navy and miscellaneous support units were compensated for services to the Crown with settlement tickets for ...

  • The Fenian Season

    A Canadian Historical Thriller by

    This fast paced historical thriller takes place against the background of a rising Fenian movement in the United States and the overt hostility of Washington toward the ‘Canadas’ immediately after the American Civil War. The Fenian Brotherhood was ...

  • Five Ages of Canada

    A History From Our First Peoples to Confederation by

    Five Ages of Canada tells the comprehensive tale of the nation’s origins and formation. Graham’s First Age introduces Canada’s First Inhabitants: the Palaeo-Indians from Northern Asia, their descendants, and the First Nations, Inuit and Métis ...

  • Marie Françoise Huc

    Love and Danger in the Time of North America's Wars by

    Marie Françoise Huc was born in 1765 in Boucherville, Quebec. At the age of fifteen she married the surgeon Herman Melchior Eberts, a member of an Austrian regiment brought to Quebec by the British to help them quell the American Revolution. They ...

  • Governing Toronto: Bringing back the city that worked


    In stark contrast to the dysfunctional megacity of today, The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto was a city that worked. Some refer to this period from 1954 to 1998 as Toronto’s “Golden Age”. This book traces the growth and governance of the city ...

  • A Bastion of Empire

    A Story of Fort St. Joseph and the War of 1812 by

    In the late summer of 1809, Louis Cloutier, 18, is aboard the "Nancy," a schooner of the North West Fur Company, sailing from Fort Amherstburg on a journey of 400 miles, and heading for Fort St. Joseph, the furthest northern British outpost. This ...

  • Redcoat 1812


    When James FitzGibbon dons the British army’s redcoat, little does he know that he will be sent to backwoods Upper Canada just prior to a war that will shape the North American continent. FitzGibbon’s memoire details his experiences during the War ...