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  • Stefanie


    At twenty-nine years old, Stefanie is what some may call a “late bloomer”—but her life has had no shortage of intrigue. With a prestigious, world-class ballet career under her belt, and her youth fading much too fast for her liking, she suddenly ...

  • In Truth


    In the grinding poverty of the post-war prairies, little Amélie Marchand always seems to be in the way. The youngest daughter of dirt-poor French-Canadian farmers, she must negotiate linguistic tensions, familial secrets, and the coldness of her ...

  • A Different Purpose

    A Martin Quint Novel by

    Professor Martin Quint’s marriage to Jenny has been compromised by a sexual indiscretion. Can trust, once shattered, ever be restored? In A Different Purpose, a skilled therapist guides the troubled couple into exploring past traumas amid a sudden ...

  • Crying on the Inside


    A twelve-year-old girl struggles to understand her mother’s sudden and unexplained disappearance, only to have her heart broken when her mother returns as a cold, indifferent shell of the woman she once was. This begins a journey of grief, ...

  • Bernice


    When shy young Bernice meets Will Webber in her parents’ drapery store, she can have no way of knowing that the love that grows between them will be the spark that ignites generations of heartbreak, overlapping layers of family dysfunction, and ...

  • Lunch Counter

    A Love Remembered by

    You will believe that love can last a lifetime. . . Widowed and in his twilight years, Frank Trundle prefers to spend his evenings curled up with a plate of cookies, a pot of tea, and his mental scrapbook of memories of the life he shared with his ...

  • Forbidden Whispers


    Lilly and David share a passionate connection as teenagers, but when distance cleaves their relationship, Lilly is pressured to marry into the wealthy family of Mark Setona. As the years pass, Lilly accepts her loveless marriage until one day she’s ...

  • Reunions


    Elle thought her life was perfect. She had a strong marriage, two amazing sons, a summer house, and a successful and creative career. Then, out of the blue, her husband of thirty years leaves her for another woman. Struggling to pick up the pieces ...

  • Cross Purposes

    A Martin Quint Novel by

    A Marriage at Cross Purposes Professor Martin Quint has moved from a major university to a small college. He has an important book to write. But he is pressured by the college to help develop a new school of engineering and entrepreneurship and ...