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  • Unity


    Unity, a sequel to Reunions, continues to follow the life of the Chase family. Elle, the matriarch of the family binds the family with her love and strength. In the previous book, Elle leans on her sons for support but, the roles have reversed. ...

  • The Self-Searcher

    A Storybook for the Wounded Child in Each of Us by

    Healing from our wounds doesn’t mean that we were never wounded but that the wounds no longer confine or define us. The Self-Searcher: A Storybook for the Wounded Child in Each of Us is an illustrated storybook for adults about bringing the wounded ...

  • A People at the Source of a River


    In 1933, a young Jewish family leaves an increasingly tense Germany for New York. Eager to make a place for his family in America, Henrich Schwartz purchases a large acreage in Washington State with plans to plant an apple orchard. With his wife, ...

  • Child's Love

    Broken Promises by

    A child’s love has been filled with broken promises. At the age of eight the child ‘Liv’ embarks a journey across Canada in the luggage cargo of a bus. Liv’s biological mother, Ruby, is a self center person who realizes her ticket to freedom is ...