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  • Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis

    Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago by

    IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, IN AN ANCIENT WORLD OF ANXIETY ... Noah warned the world about the coming flood yet, outside of his family, no one listened. Ancient prophecies, signs, and omens pointed to coming worldwide disaster—yet no one listened. Signs ...

  • Light Ascends

    The Conclusion to The Testimonial and Darkness Descends by

    A Third World War looms on the Horizon. A dangerous child has been born with massive potential for the future of the world. The conflict against Israel is escalating, with almost all nations uniting against them. The Satanists are preparing to ...

  • The Floating Islands of Kendryll


    A normal walk to school takes a fantastical turn when Damien, Landon, and Elena are drawn to a magical mirror in a local park! When a message in the glass transforms into a portal, they instantly find themselves in the world of Kendryll, where they ...

  • Cynthia's Dance


    Miscarriage ended Cynthia’s life before it even had a chance to begin. Growing up in Heaven, Cynthia dreams about what life would have been like for her on Earth and to know her parents. In a benevolent move, her heavenly Father grants her wish, ...

  • The Garden People


    Warrior carrots, club-wielding pumpkins, and a three-headed Cornstalk armed with an executioner’s axe, lead the battle to recapture the Book. But, will they defeat Solomon Growhard and his onion renegades soaring upon giant bats? It is a race ...

  • The Aykotah Daughter


    When the authorities concur for the king’s daughter to meet her future husband and ruler, Miroreka Fakusha rebels. Believing she can lead the Aykotah tribe better than an outsider, Fakusha entertains the plot of sabotaging her engagement. She’d much ...

  • The Door Between the Trees


    Charles H. Sinclair, plagued by the death of his fiancée, tries to find meaning by burying himself in his career. One foggy morning he hits a deer on the turnpike and wakes to find himself in a Lenape village. The son of a Presbyterian minister, ...

  • Life After Death

    An Autobiography by

    Adam Jason has long suffered with heart disease, and now, while only in his forties, he’s finally slipping away, forced to say a premature good-bye to his beloved wife and son and the parents who have always supported him. But that’s when things get ...

  • Dark Horse Spirit: Beyond Redemption


    Injured while working with her young quarter horse, Jeannie is thrust precipitously into a fantastic world of spirit and light. No longer bound by the dictates of the physical world, she finds herself navigating a landscape both astoundingly ...