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  • The Cadineag Crisis


    After decades of climate crises and pollution on earth, humanity discovers a planet that could hold the potential for a new home for humanity. A young and ambitious science journalist named Maria Southwind is selected to cover the mission and given ...

  • They Feed Sharks


    San Francisco, The City by the Bay, is romanticized in this novel for its enduring icons, like the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz and the beautiful Coit Tower. Both Beat poets and Silicon Valley tech types have helped shape ...

  • The Secret of Arbel


    Set in modern times, The Secret of Arbel is a novel centred on a sealed coffer that, when opened by Monsignor Antoine St-Vincent (prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives), revealed several strange artifacts. A number of timeworn scrolls appear to be ...

  • Universe's Edge

    Saturn Expedition by

    The Saturn Expedition left a massive rift and moon dust in its wake. The Voth Moon rings are named after the valiant Captain of the UEV (Unified Earth Vessel) Petra Gowanofski. Captain Courtney Viola Voth kept her spacecraft from slamming into the ...

  • Kill Per View


    By 2039, the world population has reached a staggering eleven billion and crime is at its ultimate high. When six horrific massacres shock the world, a council of world leaders is born with the goal of adopting the death penalty worldwide. Herb and ...

  • The Sequence


    Kit McKee is the world’s leading genetic editor. Having run from an America where she is no longer welcome, she now develops lucrative cosmetic edits to the human genome from her secure laboratory in northern China. She has been working on a ...

  • Positive Memory

    What if watching your memories could solve a murder and save humanity? by

    Celebrity reporter Dillon Murphy survives the mysterious accident that kills his wife, Jillian. His distraught children convince him to try PAstREAM, an innovative new device that reaches into the brain and plays back memories in real time, to help ...