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  • The Fifth Needle


    In a secret Biosafety Level-4 research lab in Austin, Texas, Dr. Philip Burris is genetically modifying mosquitoes to passively inoculate humans against malaria in a large-scale vaccination trial. Using cutting-edge CRISPR technology, the mutated ...

  • Oasis


    For centuries, the Cantos have been expanding their interstellar empire, in a relentless drive for conquest. Their headlong rush through the galaxy brought them into contact with humans, igniting a war that has raged for years in outer space and on ...

  • Survival


    The year is 2024, and a virus has brought mankind to the very brink of annihilation. Grim pockets of what still passes for civilization exist only in North America, Russia, and China. The rest of the world is an abattoir of anarchy and ...

  • Part 1: The Pioneer Generation

    The Eden Democratic Kingdom by

    Theophilus’ Bible Commentary Author returns in an entirely different style. This action-packed fiction may perhaps be worthy of movie producers’ attention. The story takes place in the mid-twenty-first century. It follows a series of worldwide ...

  • Shattered Galaxy

    Book One of the Shattered Galaxy Series by

    The galaxy has been at war for a generation, locked in a conflict that has swept myriad star systems and claimed lives beyond counting. It has been nineteen years since a covert Human–Krellian research venture aimed at fighting a pan-galactic plague ...

  • Thir13en

    A Tale of Two Brothers by

    The year 2083 isn’t pretty. A strange plague has turned 98% of the world’s population into violent, zombie-like creatures known as the Infected. The remaining 2% of the population live in three sectors that are precariously protected by the Earth’s ...

  • The Harvest


    Warren Wolsey, an educator at a Border City high school, often invests his after-school hours with his students. Having so far spent an uneventful day, Wolsey has no reason to suspect that his planned outing will soon turn a weekend camping trip ...

  • Rise of Aen


    An empire set out a millennium ago in a galaxy wide search for a fabled creature of immense power, only to end up stranded on Earth. Faced with desperation, the last member of the expedition must undergo genetic manipulation to complete her ...